Technology Concepts has become a Mimecast business partner. Mimecast provides online unifed e-mail management (UEM). 

“Being proactive and evaluating new technologies in the market that we believe solve the business needs of our clients, is a key aspect of our business model,” comments Deidre Dawson, COO of Technology Concepts.
“One of the business needs that is becoming increasingly important is that of compliance, particularly in respect of emails and their retention. This is especially so as e0mails are, from a communications perspective, the lifeblood of the majority of organisations in today’s environment.
“We had been looking for an answer that properly addressed this aspect of business for some time and had even considered developing our own in-house solution,” adds Dawson. “However, the latter choice would have brought with it an immense in-house responsibility, which we felt uncomfortable in handling.
"Subsequently, we came across the Mimecast solution, which ‘ticked’ all the right boxes – it was a perfect solution, and in addition had some attractive and additional ‘bells and whistles’. These included the ten year retention option, the continuity component and the ability to store e-mails off-site, a critical option in today’s load-shedding environment.
“The option to become only the second Business Partner, with MTN Business being the only other one, was also very appealing,” Dawson adds. "And, finally – not surprisingly – we are also installing Mimecast for our use since we firmly believe in the benefits that the solution brings to organisations.”