Technology can cause stress for users who may battle to work in a connected environment. In extreme cases, users could end up being controlled by their cell phones. 

Now is hosting a series of seminars across South Africa on reducing technology stress and improving productivity in a wireless world. These seminars are aimed at giving you practical instructions on how to incorporate the low-information diet into your office or work-related routines.
Cellphones have become an indispensable part of your working life and this increasingly comes at a psychological cost.
In 2005 WebMD reported a study which shows the use of cell phones can cause work worries to spill over into home time for both men and women. But only women seem to suffer from the opposite effect with cell phones carrying family concerns into the office.
"Current practice is to answer calls immediately, or it is left to bother those around us. Yet, our decision to respond to the call or SMS message means that we disturb the people around us; possibly broadcasting personal issues in the workplace and interrupting colleagues," says Dr Piet Streicher, MD of and co-presenter of the seminars.
"In addition, if we answer work-related calls at home outside of office hours, we could be taking up the precious time spent with family. The result is that the increase in cellphone communications for work and private purpose can become a source of irritation for those we physically interact with on a daily basis."
These seminars will show users how to take control of their cellphone phone communications; and mitigates against their cell phone controlling them.
According to Ramon Thomas, online behaviour expert at NETucation: "The biggest misnomer of the last 10 years has been how technology allows users to multitask and therefore increases their productivity.
"There is a entire genre of research focused on the multitasking myth and my biggest concern is how the underlying psychological stress caused by cellphones and Internet usage is going unnoticed among the wider business community."
Some of the topics that will be covered in the seminars include:
* Cellphone and SMS etiquette;
* Steps for Ccleaning up information pollution;
* The mobile worker in South Africa;
* Increasing focus and productivity in the 21st century office; and
* Strategies for the automated lifestyle.