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Foster-Melliar Adds Instructor-led PRINCE2 training to its stable


In today’s challenging business climate, organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits derived from adopting a project approach when addressing business change.  In light of this distinct change in the IT Service Management environment, Foster-Melliar, a subsidiary of Simeka Business Group, has added a instructor-led PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) training programme to its stable of products, adding to the variety of project management training courses available for every budget and time constraint that there may be.

“The benefits that a single, common, structured method of project management brings to a business can mean the difference between achieving comprehensive results and failing,” says Russell Steyn, GM: Strategic Development at Foster-Melliar.  “A structured project management method means that the process is repeatable and teachable as well as being backed by experience.
"It sets the tone for an approach that is proactive in addition to addressing expectations and providing the tools to identify possible problems on the horizon,” explains Russell.
PRINCE2 is a structured method for effective Project Management that is based on the experience of scores of projects, project managers and teams, who have contributed their knowledge in the compilation of the method. The PRINCE2 training programme is based on the official APMG syllabus and the office of Government Commerce published reference material. The course is offered in conjunction with Foster-Melliar’s partner ILX Group and is accredited by APMG in the UK.
“The programme equips learners with the knowledge they need to manage successful projects and is ideally suited to individuals that are heading up such projects in addition to staff members who will have a defined role in the project. The foundation course section of the programme is aimed at measuring whether a candidate will act as an informed member of a project management team, whereas the practitioners course aims to measure whether a candidate will be able to apply PRINCE2 principles to the running and management of a project,” explains Russell.
"The five-day training programme is extremely intensive and requires that participants do pre-course reading to familiarise themselves with the content.  Extensive preparatory information, study guides and advice are given to candidates to arm them with sufficient knowledge and understanding needed to make a success of the programme.  The programme comprises of both the foundation and practitioner courses respectively, with exams scheduled for the third and final day of the programme,” he says.