Mark Davison in San Francisco – Sadly, this could be the last of the Bagless Chronicles out of San Francisco. According to BA's tracker website, my trusty old Targus bag – mysteriously or mischieviously mislaid by baggage handlers at Heathrow's now notorious Terminal 5 – just got "received at airport/delivery process continued" status.

I wasn't holding my breath, though, and today ventured out into the pleasant, albeit windy, precinct of Union Square to buy some of the "business casual" attire required of HP's Preferred Partner Conference which starts at the Hilton Hotel later today. I didn't think that HP's CEO Mark Hurd, nor Microsoft supremo Steve Ballmer, would appreciate me arriving at their keynotes and subsequent press conference clad only in shorts and T-shirt.
Thought I did a reasonable job, too, at saving BA massive additional expense (believe me, the receipts are going in for a claim!). A pair of black Levis, two casual shirts, socks and jocks for just under $100. Not bad considering a toothbrush and toothpaste, a razor, deodorant and shaving cream saw little change from the $40 I managed to get out of the ATM from their $50 "essentials" credit card.
I appreciated BA more for that, by the way, than the beggar – one of hundreds who litter the streets here – who got said change. It wasn't much, I'll agree, but it seems that the beggars here in San Fran are used to more. Apparently it wasn't enough for a hamburger and a cup of coffee and I was some kind of "light trucker".
Anyway, it's 2:00am here now and there's still no sign of my bag, so I guess I'll strip the price tags off my new business casuals, get to bed, and look to some more serious reporting come the morning.