MicroStrategy has announced that in a comprehensive survey of companies using business intelligence (BI) software products, those using MicroStrategy are the most loyal. MicroStrategy had the highest customer loyalty of any BI vendor in The BI Survey for the fourth year in a row and an increase over the previous year.

Customer loyalty is an indication of how satisfied a customer is with a vendor’s products and services and is a crucial factor in vendor success. According to The BI Survey 7, a loyal customer is one that continues to use existing applications, purchases additional software to deploy existing applications more widely, uses the product in preference to others when implementing new applications, and favors the product if there is ever a requirement to reduce the number of BI suppliers.
The BI Survey is conducted annually by industry analyst Nigel Pendse and this year by BARC, The Business Application Research Center. The BI Survey is the most comprehensive independent survey of the BI market space and products. The BI Survey 7 compiled the real-world BI experiences of nearly 2,000 respondents across 60 countries.  
“It is a remarkable achievement that MicroStrategy was rated number one in customer loyalty for the fourth year in a row,” says Nigel Pendse, author of The BI Survey 7.  “As in the past, the Survey found that well-known vendors with growth strategies based on acquisitions covering the entire BI spectrum have low, and in some cases declining, customer loyalty.
"MicroStrategy, with its single product architecture and organic growth, was at the top once again. The fact that no other product has achieved such high levels of consistency suggests that MicroStrategy’s customers are extremely loyal and see no alternative to the product.”
In the four years it has used its current methodology to calculate loyalty scores, The BI Survey has found that its customer loyalty score is a strong predictor of future product success or, in the case of some products, product failure. Specifically, long-established Oracle BI products, such as Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Express, and the Oracle OLAP Option, have had low and declining loyalty scores in the previous three years, to the point where they have so few active users remaining that the Survey could not find enough of them to analyse their success.
“We were quite surprised at the low loyalty scores achieved by some well-known products when we first started calculating it in this way, but it is interesting that the sample sizes of such products subsequently fell sharply, so this score has turned out to be a good predictor of success and failure in the BI market,” says Pendse.
"We are delighted that MicroStrategy’s customer loyalty rating continues to increase and that it remains at the top of all BI vendors in The BI Survey,” says Sanju Bansal, MicroStrategy’s COO. “The loyalty of our customers is a testament to the high quality of our software and the business value that it provides. Customers today are cautious about IT investments and become loyal only after they have successfully used the technology and received tangible benefits.”