Orion Telecom, part of the Vox Telecom stable, has bought development partner S-Tec to enhance its telephone management system, Orion Call Manager. 

“The S-Tec buy-out is in line with our strategy to create a telephone management system that outstrips all competitive products,” says Jacques du Toit, MD of Orion Telecom. “Our experience in this sector has revealed the weaknesses of traditional telephony management systems suppliers, most of whom operate in very niche spaces.
"Together with S-Tec, we have evolved Orion Call Manager into a comprehensive telephone management tool that is able to meet the needs of diverse companies.”
Orion Call Manager reduces the overall cost of corporate telephony. Call Manager identifies telephony abuse and inefficiencies, and provides information ranging from unauthorised and fraudulent telephony expenditure, to infrastructure utilisation and planning.
Du Toit says it made sense for Orion Telecom to buy S-Tec as the company had an excellent product that was developed by an expert team of engineers over a number of years. “S-Tec has a great solution, and we have the sales team, the clients and the national footprint to make sure it flies."
Furthermore, in line with the company’s strategy to remain ahead of industry trends and competitors, Orion Telecom has also entered into additional strategic partnerships in order to further improve the Orion Call Manager offering.
These partnerships will allow Orion to access the Call Data Records from all network operators and provide a fully-integrated picture of a company’s phone network and phone usage. This makes Orion one of the few organisations that provide customers with ‘audited’ call durations, costs and contract reports.
Traditional telephone management systems are poor at recording duration of call data. As a result, departments or users companies can end up being grossly under or overcharged.