South African software developer and Oracle partner Excel4Apps, which also has employees operating in the US, Australia and Dubai, has found a local solution to the problems it was experiencing with the generation, submission and settlement of expenses submitted by employees scattered around the globe. 

An Excel4Apps objective was to maintain a paperless working environment and the company was also looking for a system that would automatically update the company’s payroll system as and when expenses claims were submitted to the payroll administrator, HR manager or bookkeeper.
Excel4Apps financial manager Shaun Pendrigh was introduced to the Pastel Payroll ESS module, which captures all of the required information for each expense claim at source. “Employees, no matter where in the world they are located, simply log on to ESS individually and submit their expense claims online to me for approval, after which they are forwarded for processing and automatically updated on the payroll system”, says Pendrigh.
He adds that the system keeps everyone in the loop, is accurate and saves time. Excel4Apps also uses ESS for ADSL and Internet connection line usage claims, overseas subsistence allowances and to process leave requests online which further relieves the company’s administrative burden.
“A nice touch is that the ESS software also allowed us to brand our claim forms with our own corporate identity,” says Pendrigh
“The module’s flexibility will allow us to create new forms as and when appropriate for the business. It also saves time and paper and once the electronic claims have been approved, the detail is transferred straight into the individual payslips within the Pastel Payroll software. It could not be simpler or more efficient. Manual recapturing of data into the payroll system is no longer necessary.”
The ESS module developed by payroll software specialist Pastel Payroll, is designed with the paperless office in mind and provides companies, management, payroll administrators, the HR department and staff with significant benefits and advantages.
ESS optimises web technology to break down the barriers of distance for companies operating with remote branches or with sales representatives out on the road.  
Employees can make on-line applications for leave, salary advances, travel claims, loans, sponsorships, bursaries or other financial assistance.