Clickatell has been chosen by healthcare organisations including Cell-Life, ComplyRx and the National Health Service (NHS) to provide mobile solutions that deliver critical medical information to cell phones across the globe.

These innovative organisations are leading the healthcare industry by providing secure mobile messaging solutions which is changing the way the healthcare industry communicates with consumers and patients across the globe. There are also significant financial advantages available to healthcare companies who take advantage of SMS over traditional methods of communications.
For example, having launched its service using Clickatell in 2006, the NHS has seen a 60% cost savings and has reached over 90% of its intended audience, providing information they need to live healthier lives.
"Healthcare organisations are receiving pressure to curb the rising cost of healthcare and they need to find ways to communicate with their customers in an efficient and cost-effective way. By leveraging SMS technology to better inform and communicate with their customers using cell phones, they are able to deliver superior services," says Pieter de Villiers, CEO of Clickatell.
"With global cell phone penetration now exceeding 70% of households including those in lower income demographics, people can access life-saving medical advice at critical times, subscribe to preventative healthcare information, participate in remote treatment options, curb disease outbreaks, and improve prescription compliance."
Taking advantage of ubiquitous text messaging, healthcare organisations worldwide can initiate a broad range of mobile communication initiatives at minimum cost and with a great deal of flexibility, security and convenience.
Using SMS, the healthcare industry can reach more people in more places with critical healthcare information they need and seek. Using Clickatell, these leading healthcare providers and partners are improving people's lives through innovative solutions: