HP's Preferred Partner Conference, San Francisco – After breaking the $100-billion revenue mark and becoming the biggest IT company in the world last year, HP's CEO and president, Mark Hurd, says he is now determined to make the company the "undisputed leader" in the market. 

Addressing more than 700 EMEA delegates at HP's Preferred Partner Conference in San Francisco, Hurd says the company is focused on a bigger slice of the global IT industry.
"The market we are chasing is worth $1,2-trillion," he says. "It is big, and it is very mobile."
As an example of how mobile and ever-changing the market is, Hurd cites Rupert Murdoch's Newscorp. – a company on whose board he serves.
"They are obsessed with content," he says. "How do we get content from wherever it comes from, make sure it is accurate – verify it – and get it to its destination first before someone else does?
"That ecosystem has to be a process where it's started, moved, visually shared and printed," Hurd says. "We like it when it's printed, of course, but we want to be the infrastructure beneath that [ecosystem]. We're after $600-billion of that $1,2-trillion market."
Hurd says that research and development (R&D) is still key to achieving HP's goals, the reason that $3,6-billion went towards R&D last year.
"We want to lead the industry and be the undisputed leader," he says. "But we spend on R&D and then go after only 50% of the market. Does that sound smart to you? Even my daughter says: 'Why not go after the other 50%'.
"The reason is that we need more help from our partners. Not necessarily more partners, but more help from quality partners that are focused on helping HP. That doesn't mean they have to be exclusively HP, but we want to go after that market."
Hurd admits that complex systems often hamper the relationship between HP and its partners, but is determined to iron these problems out.
"We're trying to make it simpler to do business with us," he says. "Today it is clear to us that it's harder to do business with us than it needs to be and that we need to make a lot of the systems and processes simpler. We continue to invest heavily in R&D, we lead in every significant technology area in the industry, we continue to improve in the global market, and we'll continue to focus on our relationships with partners in the market and helping our partners.
"But we want partners that help us with this mix and we'll do everything we can that is not illegal, inappropriate or unethical to get a deal [with them]," he adds.
"We are committed to making you, our partners, more successful – we just want that commitment to go two ways," he says. "We can't afford to cover a $1,2-trillion market on our own – we have to have your help.
"You have my commitment and the commitment of the entire executive team to help you be successful," he told partners.