IBM’s Global Business Services has partnered with Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk Information Solution Provider Programme to help manufacturers build plant-wide information applications and manufacturing execution systems (MES) using the FactoryTalk’s suite of integrated production and performance software.

Both companies have been actively collaborating on plant-to-enterprise solutions within several industries including automotive and life sciences. Rockwell Automation software vice president Kevin Roach says: “IBM truly understands the value of an integrated suite of production and performance software based on service-oriented architecture.”
“They are a natural fit for our Information Solutions Provider program based on our track record of successful collaboration and their incredibly deep expertise in information systems and business process integration,” he adds.
Rockwell Automation launched the Information Solution Provider program in October 2006 to provide manufacturers with an extended network of information system professionals to help them integrate their control and information environments for better manufacturing performance. It trains and certifies participants on implementing applications within the FactoryTalk suite to facilitate better interaction between the plant floor and higher-level business systems. Through the creation of the program, Rockwell Automation adds to its own services, organisation solutions and delivery capabilities around the FactoryTalk suite.
IBM Global Business Services vice president Bruce Anderson comments: “Timely, accurate information on production can help drive supply chain performance to new levels and recent advances in technology like service-orientated architectures are making this a reality.
“We are working together to show companies the value manufacturing brings to the supply chain and how we can help them achieve return on investment quickly.,” he concludes.