Sun Microsystems in collaboration with leading open source backup and recovery software developer Zmanda has announced the release of a comprehensive, global data backup and recovery solution for MySQL Enterprise subscribers.

The partnering companies are offering a free, 30-day trial of the Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) Enterprise Edition, available from The product is also available for purchase now from Sun Microsystems South Africa.
“We are seeing a big uptake of MySQL Enterprise in South Africa,” says Dillon Gray, software practice leader for Sun South Africa. “This is evidenced by the up-skilling that is currently taking place in the market. Globally, 60000 copies of MySQL are downloaded every month.”
“But as we see more customers moving their corporate data into MySQL databases, the need for competent backup and recovery solutions is also growing,” he continues. “Given today’s large-scale Web applications that are highly demanding of databases, backup and recovery has become increasingly complex.”
Gray says that ZRM is Sun’s answer to the challenges surrounding backup and recovery and that the product integrates tightly with MySQL Enterprise. “With a powerful and intuitive graphical user interface, ZRM for MySQL simplifies database administration in terms of backup and recovery,” he explains. “Besides its comprehensive backup functionality, the product also offers a unique precision recovery capability. This is quite simply the perfect solution for mission critical environments running MySQL.”
The release of ZRM reaffirms Sun’s position as a leading solution provider to top Web 2.0 companies. Internationally, Gracenote, LinkedIn, RealTime Matrix, Shutterfly, Siteworx and SuccessFactors are just some of the top Internet companies making use of Sun technologies.
“These include Sun Solaris, Sun Fire servers, StorageTek technologies – and, of course, MySQL,” says Gray. “The modern web company is learning to do more with less and Sun’s solutions are compelling in this space due to their low-cost and high performance. Our use of open source also involves the global developer community in collaborating to solve problems.
“MySQL is a leading example of the effectiveness of open source development and Sun is committed to supporting the growth of its use in South African enterprises. ZRM will be the first of many solutions from Sun and its partners that solve the challenges of enterprise users,” concludes Gray.