HP Preferred Partner Conference, San Francisco – HP and Microsoft may be cosying up with each other in offering a joint partner programme – the Frontline Partner Programme – but there is little chance that the two IT giants will combine in any kind of effort to buy Microsoft's latest and possibly greatest acquisition target, Yahoo.

Sean Gallagher, Preferred Partner sales and deveopment director at SPO EMEA, swiftly nipped in the bud any speculation on this front when we popped the question during an interview.
"I certainly can't make any comment on that," Gallagher says. "I can't imagine us taking our partnership that far. And I don't think Microsoft needs a few quid – they've got plenty in the bank.
"We've got a strong alliance with Microsoft and we have a lot of commonalities," Gallagher adds. "It makes sense for us to have close collaboration on our partner side, but it stops there."
Pity. HP's CEO and president, Mark Hurd painted a pretty picture yesterday when he descibed the mammoth ecosystem that is Newscorp. and how he wanted HP to be the "infrastructure beneath" such an ecosystem.
Just imagine how big that ecosystem would be if Newscorp., Microsoft and Yahoo, as rumoured, was merged into one entity to form the world's biggest Internet company. And if HP was involved …