Stanlib, the third largest manager of unit trust investments, has substantially enhanced its Request for Proposal (RFP) process by upgrading to Sant’s RFPMaster specialist software from nFold.

With over 400 000 individuals as clients – and also managing assets on behalf of Liberty Life policyholders and a growing number of third parties including government related, parastatal and corporate pension funds as well as provincial governments, municipalities and medical aid schemes – Stanlib is the 3rd manager of investments in South Africa.
It is wholly owned by Liberty Life, which in turn is owned by the Standard Bank Group and a diversified spread of BEE organisations dedicated to the advancement of the previously disadvantaged.
According to Tafadzwa Chanakira of Stanlib’s Institutional Marketing division, the Sant solution was acquired to do away with a time-consuming and labour-intensive system which saw her needing to ‘copy and paste’ information from previous proposals into those that were current. This often entailed searching through three or four long documents to isolate relevant information, copying and pasting it, and then beginning another manual search for the next required section of data.
““Sant’s enterprise-strength tools for automatically generating RFP responses has transformed our approach,” she says.
“For starters, with Sant’s RFPMaster, the information is more easily accessible; it is laid out in a more organised manner and is searchable with the proverbial ‘click of a button’. I no longer waste my time searching through reams and reams of documents, nor do I have to re-do work that already exists but – with the manual system – was not readily accessible.”
Since 2001 nFold has been providing software and expertise which improves sales effectiveness. The organisation helps companies who provide value-based solutions win more business with less effort by accelerating the production of persuasive proposals, RFP responses, presentations and related documents. The bottom line is improved productivity, increased sales and the ability to develop accurate, consistent sales documents for their customers.
RFPMaster simplifies the process of managing and answering complex, multi-question RFPs. The application searches Stanlib’s database of answers and returns high-probability matches for each question. Users can email questions to subject matter experts, determine the exact status of each answer, and manage the entire Request for Proposal process.
RFPMaster is accessed through Stanlib’s Internet browser without the need to install any software on end users’ computers. On average, Sant users improve productivity by 41% and increase win rates by 24%, and Stanlib fully expects to realise these improvements over time.
“nFold’s solution perfectly matched my needs. They were prepared to sit and listen to Stanlib’s areas of inefficiency in my department, and apply the Sant solution to fix the problem. In addition, they were truly diligent when it came to installing the RFP Master for me and ensuring it was user friendly.
“I know that I need more training before I am able to utilise the system to its full capacity but it has already helped me tremendously – it really seems that, with Sant on my side, I have more hours in the day," Chanakira adds.