The convergence of wireless devices and the Internet continues to create an important new channel to market. As a result the current wave of technological change is focused on mobility and the Internet.

This is the view of Kobus Liebenberg, managing executive of Business Connexion’s Business Consulting division, who says that wireless e-business and electronic trading will be driven by a new breed of company and a business model designed specifically for mobile business.
“Mobile business, often referred to as m-business, is not e-business without fixed connections; it is an entirely new way of designing and deploying a wide range of systems and solutions that are personal, convenient, easy to use, always available, accessible in real time and location sensitive,” he says.
Liebenberg believes that m-business will build on organisations' e-business capabilities and provide the backdrop for a further qualitative shift in business operations.
Mobile commerce involves the use of mobile devices for marketing, selling and buying products and services over the Internet, "third-generation" (3G) networks or other supporting technologies. As a result, unlike the fixed Internet world, wireless operators continue to be major influencers of and beneficiaries of m-business.
“They own the access to remote devices and will therefore own the customer and associated profile information” says Liebenberg. New applications covering the spectrum from communication, infotainment, consumer transactions and corporate services will become the order of the day. The success of YouTube and Google, various online networks (like Second-life and Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) as well as the introduction of AdverGaming are examples of the exciting possibilities m-business is currently offering.
Two mutually inclusive catalysts – Business Process Management (BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) – will be the enterprise-wide and internet-based building blocks on which differentiated customer service, reduced costs and competitive advantages will be based in this environment.
He concludes: “The biggest risk facing organisations today, is the belief that m-business and electronic trading opportunities are two to three years away. The pace with which businesses accept emerging technologies is accelerating. Web-based M-business is here already and growing at a tremendous rate.”