IS managers are faced with the challenge of managing more data, which has increased the requirement for greater storage power, performance and value for money. Adaptec's latest release — its RAID Series 5 Unified Serial controllers that cater for both high-capacity Serial ATA (SATA) and high-performance Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) formats — meet these needs with an I/O performance that is up to five times faster than its competitors.

This product range is another engineering milestone for Adaptec and is now available to South African resellers through distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC).
Maria Pillitteri, Adaptec channel sales manager for South Africa, says: "Adaptec launched its Unified Serial Series 3 controllers approximately a year ago, driving its strategy of a unified serial architecture platform where 'one card fits all'. This provides businesses with the ability to combine the value of low cost SATA drives with the high performance and reliability of SAS, allowing them to 'future proof' their current investment and deliver a tiered storage environment.
"These cards form part of Adaptec's focus to resolve the IS manager's top 10 issues. The Series 5 RAID controller is an enhancement on its predecessor and now addresses many more of the key issues that IS managers face."
In addition, the controllers feature between 128 and 512 MB of cache memory, further reducing the requirement to 'seek' on the hard drive, which also lowers power consumption.
Further meeting the needs of South Africa's load shedding schedules, Adaptec's controllers feature a battery backup option (on the 3 and 5 Series controllers), providing up to 72 hours of continuous operation.
Performance is enhanced with the Series 5 controllers in a number of different ways. The controller features Intel's performance processor, the IOP348 I/O, delivering a core speed of 1,2GHz. It also features 512Mb cache memory which delivers faster speeds. Adaptec has, furthermore, also collaborated with Intel to optimise the fundamental chip-level performance for the Series 5 architecture.
Says Pillitteri: "These efficient new PCI  interface controllers are designed for a wide range of storage-critical, bandwidth-intensive applications such as Web hosting, digital video surveillance, medical imaging and communications.
"The multi-port design delivers tremendous design flexibility to Adaptec customers. It allows system integrators and OEMs to create tiered storage environments that ensure massive scalability while simultaneously simplifying the development and validation process.
"It allows system resellers to easily sell-up or sell-down by tailoring storage solutions based on individual application requirements. And, it enables enterprise customers to "future-proof" today's system expenditures with the knowledge that as data capacity demands grow, additional storage hardware can be effortlessly added or swapped."
Says Rajen Naicker, Adaptec product specialist at DCC: "Adaptec's Series 5 controllers will provide resellers with a solution that delivers the ability to leverage the cost competitiveness of SATA with the performance of SAS, making it ideal for bandwidth intensive environments such as storing CCTV images, digital imaging, pre-press and other environments that require fast streaming and write capabilities."
Adaptec is continuing its commitment to delivering RAID solutions to address the IS managers storage issues and beyond, irrespective of whether it is a controller or an appliance such as its range of Snap Servers.