As a recession looms in the US, HP's global reach – including into Africa – may not be the company's saving grace, but it certainly is one of its strengths as it continues to dominate the international IT industry.

Tom Yeates, HP's director SPO for the Middle East, Mediterranean & Africa Region (MEMA), says that this has been borne out recently by analyst ratings in the US.
"If you look at the financial analysts on HP after Q1, one of the reasons we've got such high ratings and credit terms is the global spread of our business," Yeates says. "We are the world's biggest IT company with the most significant part of its business outside of the US compared to our competitors. That's a big part of the value of the company.
"Europe has been neck and neck with the US, APAC is growing like crazy, and China is ramping massively," he says. "HP has a great portfolio of products with great goegraphical spread.
"I wouldn't go so far as to say this is our saving grace,but in principle it is one of our strengths," Yeates continues. "This whole recession thing is very complex. Some of our competitors have posted extremely strong results in the US which would indicate that the US market is still there to be had."
Yeates says that growth in Africa remains strong and that there are numerous opportunities.
"The total for Africa – including South Africa – is about 40% of MEMA," he says. "And MEMA is about 20% of EMEA in total. Africa is very strong. It's not yet enormous, but it's a vibrant and growing place to be.
"Our expectations for Africa and the Middle East are huge."