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SMC launches new VPN router


SMC Networks has announced the launch of the SMCBR21VPN Barricade VPN router. The new broadband router comes with a built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) server to establish authenticated and encrypted tunnels over the Internet – the ideal solution for both remote workers that need secure remote access to a corporate network as well as businesses that want to establish a secure connection between branch offices.

A VPN provides SMB/e with secure and private business data links with high performance at a low cost using a public network infrastructure such as the Internet.
Whether used by travellers and telecommuters to remotely log into a corporate LAN, or to establish a secure VPN between remote offices, a VPN assures that data is being transmitted and exchanged in the most secure manner.
The SMCBR21VPN router’s built-in VPN server allows users to create up to 50 secure VPN tunnels supporting PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) and IP-Sec, the latter widely regarded as the most comprehensive VPN technology for IP networks.
“The South African market is stronger and more mature as far as the adoption of robust networking infrastructure is concerned – especially within the growing small-to-medium segment of the market,” adds Paul Luff, country manager at SMC Networks South Africa. “Solutions like this latest VPN router adds significant value to those integrating to reinforce the back-end of the network and effectively handle today’s multimedia applications and bandwidth intensive programs.”
The SMCBR21VPN router’s Dual WAN Port Load Balancing enables load sharing of data between two ports, reducing the chance of bottlenecks in demanding networks and resulting in faster, more efficient systems. It also includes support for Dynamic VPN which enables remote workers to create and delete VPN connections without the need for manual configuration on the router.
Iain Kenney, director of product marketing at SMC Networks, comments: “The new SMCBR21VPN router is the latest solution from SMC Networks which enables small businesses to have faster, more efficient networking, and the ability to work securely from remote locations.”