Nology, a distributing agent of broadband and networking products, has introduced the new Billion 2070P HomePlug AV adapter. So if you want to extend your network at home, add PCs and share information, look no further than this handy device that plugs into any electrical socket in the home or office. The device is capable of receiving and sending data signals down the power cord simultaneously.

Says Riaan Leuschner, managing director of Nology: "This adapter is ideal for residential users as it makes use of existing power points (plugs) within the house.  It makes use of power line technology as the 'conduit' for data, voice and video traffic.
"It can be plugged directly into an Ethernet port on a router allowing people elsewhere in the house to share Internet access using computers that are connected with the Billion 2070P. Ethernet devices such as modems, routers and PCs can be linked, and bandwidth-consuming applications such as video can be shared by people throughout the house."
Benefits include the fact that users don't need to spend time and money purchasing and installing Ethernet cables to share your ADSL connection. It's as simple as plugging in your networking devices using the home's existing electrical wiring. No drilling, just a press of the Network Set-Up button to install the bridge utility and the high-speed network is ready to use in no time at all.
With a data rate of up to 200Mbps, this adapter is ideal for triple-play applications such as IPTV – soon to be launched in South Africa – VoIP telephony and high-speed Internet access. Adds Leuschner: "Your transmission rate is extremely high due to the easy plug-and-play networking of different devices through the electrical wiring in your home. Furthermore, the Billion 2070P recognises the bandwidth needs of video and voice applications, thereby prioritising data and ensuring images are received and displayed smoothly."
The Billion 2070P is currently only available as part of the BiPAC P101 HomePlug AV 200 Desktop Starter Kit and it comes with a built-in 12V DC adapter so that you can connect it to any Billion ADSL router without the need for an extra power adapter.