In their bid to streamline processing of thousands of insurance documents daily and improve customer service, South Africa’s insurance companies should take a closer look at the benefits Dexia Insurance Belgium hopes to achieve using an enterprise content management solution it has recently deployed.

“The productivity gains and timesaving already achieved by the insurance giant is an example of what can be achieved by Kofax’s Intelligent Capture & Exchange”. This is the suggestion from Kofax South Africa’s solutions sales manager, Mark Ehmke, who will be attending a seminar on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in Johannesburg on 20 May. Organised by Kofax and its partner NokusaEI, a leading South African ECM consultancy, the one-day seminar is supported by AIIM (
AIIM is the international association for Enterprise Content Management and supports users and suppliers of the technologies and solutions used to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver unstructured information.
Targeted at end-users and independent ECM consultants seeking a grounding for ECM project planning, as well as experienced users wanting to update themselves with the latest technology. The Kofax-NokusaEI event will demonstrate the ‘how?’ as well as the ‘why?’ of ECM.
Dexia Insurance Belgium selected Kofax software as the foundation for its new front-office capture solution designed to automate the processing of insurance documents in field offices where they originate rather than in a batch-oriented, back-office environment.
Driving the solution is the Kofax Document Exchange Server, which streamlines business processes by capturing documents in the front office and moving such information in real time to transactional business processes such as invoice processing, new account openings, claims processing and sales order processing.
Additionally, the Kofax solution, implemented by Belgium-based solution provider Global360, is designed to offer the agents at Dexia Insurance's field offices a more efficient way to capture documents generated on-site and route data to its central offices for processing. Document Exchange Server plays a key role in unifying communications between its many MFPs and scanners, and links them directly with key business processes.
"Dexia Insurance Belgium is a great example of how organisations in transaction-intensive business environments can better serve their customers and gain competitive advantage by implementing Intelligent Capture and Exchange solutions," Ehmke says.
"Since the launch of Document Exchange Server in April of last year, demand for this type of solution has consistently increased, especially at firms in the financial services and insurance industries, as a complement to our leading capture platform and software solutions.
“I have no doubt that its deployment locally will give companies the edge they’ve been looking for in our highly competitive industry. Only a few months after implementation, Dexia Insurance Belgium has improved customer service by processing insurance policies faster, and as a result, is outgunning its competitors.”