MTN has made a commitment to introduce efficient energy-saving solutions to the organisation.

“We are adopting a phased in approach with the starting point being the 14th Avenue Offices. All light fittings have been fitted with sensor technology so that the new lights are designed for automatic dimming regulated by the amount of daylight that is present at any particular time. When there is no movement detected the lights will automatically turn off,” says Linda Nkomo GM: Infrastructure at MTN.
“We have Phase 1 and 2 that have been fitted with the sensor technology which will enable the lights to remain on during 6h00 to 18h00 after which the sensors will automatically take control and switch the lights off if there is no movement.
"However, in areas like our Boardrooms and Pause areas, the sensors will remain active throughout the day.  It is important to note that certain areas will always remain active; i.e. the Call Centers who operate through the night, the Service Management Centre (SMC) staff who monitor the MTN towers and our cleaning service providers who are scheduled to work at night.
"Further to this, as most staff are not office-bound during the day, we find that a large number of staff work during the evenings which result in areas being lit up late into the night."
In order to maximize power saving MTN has used the latest electronic gear control and triphosper technology (T8 & T5) and are working with supplier Lemay Electrical, an Eskom-approved supplier, to manage energy consumption at MTN.
The pilot test phase at the 14th Avenue Offices, of changing all down lights to energy efficient lights should see completion by end May 2008 and will determine the way forward for rollout to all MTN areas.
For security reasons lights will remain on in certain areas of the building.
The organisation has recently embarked on an awareness drive to involve staff in participating and sharing ideas on energy consumption, with some of these initiatives being in partnership with Eskom.