MTN continues to grow its subscriber numbers, reporting that 68,207-million people signed up to the network as at 31 March. This is an 11% increase from 31 December. 

South Africa saw a modest 3% growth to 15,169-million. At least part of this growth can be attributed to the company's new MTN Zone pricing plan which it introduced earlier this year.
While 3,8-million subsribers now use MTN Zone, many of these have converted from other payment options. However, 128 000 new subscribers have also been added at MTN Zone customers.
The South & East Africa (SEA) region contibutes 29% to MTN's subscriber figures, while the West & Central Africa (WECA) and Middle East & North Africa (MENA) regions were 45% and 26% respectively.
The SEA region, which is dominated by South Africa at 76%, grew a total of 4% in the last quarter.
The WECA region increased its subscriber base by 9% for the quarter.'
The MENA region recorded a 26% increase in subscribers for the quarter mainly due to strong growth from the start-up operation in Iran, which increased subscribers by 50% to 9,025-million.