Workgroup has announced the local availability of the second version of Norton 360, which features multi-layered security, identity safe and new backup options.

The latest release plays the role of an all-in-one security solution that includes backup to iPod, Blu-ray and HD DVD disks.
This is according to Arno Fourie, Norton product manager at Workgroup who says that the newest version also includes Symantec’s Browser Protection technology, which defends against drive-by downloads and other new or known threats that exploit vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer.
“With enhanced antivirus, antispyware, firewall, intrusion protection, and SONAR behavioural detection technology, Norton 360 2.0 users are protected on multiple fronts from online threats, like the recent SilentBanker Trojan, which takes advantage of various points of entry to infect computers and steal personal information,” he says.
There is a growing need for a convenient and safe way to store online personal data, so Symantec has included Norton Identify Safe in this version of Norton 360. Identity Safe, extended for use with Firefox, stores passwords and other personal information securely and offers convenient automatic form-filing capabilities and one-click login to trusted sites while working with Norton 360’s identity protection technology to safeguard against phishing sites.
Also new to Norton 360 is Network Monitoring, which checks the status of wireless security, maps connected devices, alerts users when they are connected to an unsecured network and provides expert advice to help manage network security settings.
“Users now have the option to view the backup status of each document, music file or photo in Windows Explorer,” says Fourie. “Items that were backed up and those that are pending are easily identifiable with an icon and a simple right click and select now allows users to quickly add files to the list for backup.”
Symantec has designed Norton 360 to deliver reliable protection without being obtrusive or sacrificing PC performance. The upgrade provides high levels of PC security, identity protection, backup and tune-up technologies without confusing alerts, difficult settings option or interruptions to their computing experience.