South African companies and their employees are suffocating under the weight of all the information they have to process in today’s offices, and service delivery and profitability are, as a consequence, being severely compromised.

E-mails, reports, case notes, web pages, images, documents, spreadsheets, faxes, presentations, contracts, customer records … processing or searching for a specific document or e-mail can take hours. This will affect your customer service, increase your costs, threaten your compliance and reduce your competitive advantage. Can you afford this?
Organisations are rapidly adopting the principle that content in the form of documents, records, email, scanned images, web and other content linked to key business processes need to be captured, managed, stored, preserved and delivered to ensure compliance and to enhance efficiency. In many instances, the way organisations manage their information assets is becoming a differentiation factor in the market place, or a way for them to boost service delivery.
ECM is a broad description of IT technologies that can tackle these issues, either with point solutions for forms and invoice scanning and capture, or with an enterprise-wide database for document and records management, collaboration and email archive.
The benefits of improved information management, setting an information strategy, and equipping staff with the IT tools needed to implement it. These, and similar benefits of ECM, will come under the spotlight when NokusaEI, the leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consultancy and its partner, Kofax, a global leader of intelligent capture & exchange will present a one-day event supported by AIIM, the international authority on enterprise content management.
AIIM is the international Association for Enterprise Content Management and therefore they are technology independent. They support users and suppliers of the technologies and solutions used to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver unstructured information. Practical presentations from participating sponsors will break up these AIIM educational presentations. The sponsors will illustrate and discuss the scope of modern ECM systems, how they interface to users and other systems within your organisation.
The educational event format of the workshop has had tremendous success in the UK. Now NokusaEI and Kofax are bringing it to South Africa for the first time on 20 May 2008 at the Sandton Convention Centre.
This event will provide in-company ECM Champions with the tools and knowledge they need to get ownership and support from senior executives and colleagues for selection and implementation projects in enterprise content management. Attendees will gain an understanding of the role and scale of ECM within the organisation. More over they will be able to evaluate the potential for return on investment against various criteria.
This one-day event provides new users with grounding for ECM project planning, selection and an update to experienced users on what is available from the latest technology. In addition, it will introduce the more formal AIIM Certificate Programmes. These programmes are of value to directors, CIOs, managers and professionals from all types of organisations since it will address benefits, processes and technologies that are applicable across all industry sectors.
Primary sponsors of the event are NokusaEI, Kofax, SAP Africa, Bateleur and Kodak.