The Open Group and its South African representative, Real IRM, are bringing the enterprise architecture community in South Africa together again at the third annual Open Group Enterprise Architecture Practitioners' Conference, to be held at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg from 4 to 6 June.

The conference, which last year was attended by just under 200 local and international visitors in Cape Town, is expected to attract twice that number and is focusing on the practitioners who make enterprise architecture work. Also included is an exhibition of enterprise architecture tool vendors and other suppliers to the industry.
"The conference will draw several hundred enterprise architects from South Africa and across the world," says Stuart Macgregor, CEO of Real IRM. "The growing number of enterprise architecture practitioners in the country has proved that it has come of age. The conference is an opportunity for practitioners to showcase the discipline and for the community of enterprise architects to address the questions that organisations face in adopting it."
With the discipline now in an advanced state of maturity, the conference will focus on the implementation of enterprise architecture.
The conference will address such questions as the skills that are needed for practising enterprise architecture, the most appropriate enterprise architecture framework to adopt, the best enterprise architecture methodology to follow, which of the enterprise architecture toolsets best fits an organisation's needs, how to get buy-in from the executive, and what can be done to generate value as soon as possible.
"These are questions that all organisations face when adopting the discipline of enterprise architecture," says Macgregor. "The aim is to ease the creation of a sustainable, business-appropriate enterprise architecture capability."
MIT Sloan School, having researched more than 200 companies worldwide, recently found that companies that had chosen to define and execute their business strategy through enterprise architecture were far ahead of their competitors.
"We are no longer justifying the merits of enterprise architecture as the conferrer of enduring competitive advantage, but rather focusing on how to implement it so as to gain maximum value for organisations," Macgregor adds.