As government begins its move to the Open Document Format (ODF) standard, Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz has offered President Thabo Mbeki as many copies of StarOffice his office requires for a total cost of just $1.00. 

Crawford Beveridge, executive vice-president and chairman for EMEA at Sun Microsystems tells IT-Online that the Silicon Valley-based company made the offer last week. It's not known whether the President's office has yet taken it up.
Beveridge explains that the biggest implemetation project currently underway within the South African government is the move to ODF.
While many users will be downloading free versions of OpenOffice, he says, those who require more robust support contracts could be looking to the open source-based StarOffice from Sun.
"Jonanthan Schwartz has offered President Mbeki as many copies of StarOffice as he wants, for $1.00 – that's not $1.00 each, but $1.00 in total."