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The skill factor behind effective ICT recruitment


While the level of trade in many sectors is being heavily influenced by factors such as higher interest rates, currency value fluctuation and load shedding, the ICT industry is ideally suited to empower and add value. So claims Robert Sussman, joint MD of Integr8 IT.

Despite the socio-economic challenges outlined above and the increase in international skills transfer, Sussman is adamant that the IT sector remains a viable and exciting option for job seekers.
“There is no doubt that the information, communication and digital lifestyle technology market has a fundamental role to play in the growth and development of the country. It stands to reason that those entering the market to gain valuable work experience will look seriously at this industry,” says Sussman.
According to the thirty-something year old director any position that is focused on sustaining local technology and telecommunications is a worthwhile investment and makes good business sense.
Integr8 IT has embarked on a long-term training and recruitment drive with the intention to fill 300 new positions across the board by the end of 2008.
“While we continue to hear reports of a skills shortage and ‘brain drain’, this must be put in perspective. The fact is there are positions available, especially for technical engineers and skilled practitioners,” adds Sussman.
To ensure a steady flow of talented technical staff into the company, Integr8 IT management maintains a strict policy of individual development and ongoing training.
“In the ICT industry it is imperative for technology engineers and product managers to remain ahead of developments related to the manufacture and distribution of new solutions into the market by international vendors. We have always and will always place a premium on this knowledge, training and expertise and this is why we view each successful applicant that joins Integr8 IT as a long term investment and key asset for the company,” Sussman continues.
To this end the company has incorporated a recruitment policy to compliment its training strategy that is expected to secure the services of at least 200 more technical staff.
In addition Integr8 IT has in place a well structured, active learnership program through which it is able to afford aspiring IT professionals with an opportunity to gain sought after practical experience.
“There are two ways the skills shortage and need for effective recruitment can be addressed. The first is through hands-on, results orientated training and the second is by creating employment and opportunities,” adds Sussman. “We are positioned to do both and we continue to gain results.”