Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) has developed two new PC communication boards, the CP 1623 and CP 5621.

The CP 1623 is used to connect a PC to Industrial Ethernet and the CP 5621 is used to connect a PC to Profibus. CP 1623 has its own processor, which ensures stable, uninterrupted and high-performance communication even when the computer capacity is operating at peak load such as when processing an application like visualisation or PC-based control.
With a transmission rate of up to 1Gbps and two RJ45 terminals, the CP 1623 has an integrated 2-port switch that enables simple continuation of the cables for communication. As additional protection for the switch function (if the PC fails or is switched off) the integrated switch can also be supplied with power from an external source.
The CP 5621 enables a PC or a programming device to be connected to Profibus or to the multiple-point interface (MPI) for purposes of Simatic S7 communication.
For use in the latest PCs, the two boards are equipped with current PCI Express Bus x1 technology. The user interfaces have been designed to be functionally compatible with the respective predecessor board. This facilitates integration in existing applications and thus protects the investment of the user.