Joint Venture Pumps Services (JVPS), a black economic empowerment (BEE) company, has been awarded distributorship for POSTEC, a forecourt control system widely used in the fuel industry.

For the past three years, JVPS has maintained fuel pumps at more than 600 service stations, and its clients include industry giants such as BP, Total SA, Masana and Imperial Bulk Services.  JVPS’ recent award for POSTEC distributorship means that the company is now positioned to provide a holistic, end-to-end service to forecourts.
According to Brenton Thomas, CEO of JVPS, taking on the POSTEC distributorship was a natural progression for the company.  
“We already manage one half of the forecourts’ services loop, and have a wealth of experience in this area,” he says. “We have also recently added key personnel to our team who have significant knowledge of POSTEC, so we’re well-placed to take on this forecourt control system too.”
Offering both services to forecourts makes JVPS a one-stop-shop for fuel companies, and means that customers only have to deal with one service provider. This is significant for forecourts as it can result in greater integration of the systems, and offers a time saving for managers who only need to liaise with one team. This effectively reduces the downtime in the event of a component failure and the result is increased productivity and efficiency.
Thomas says that JVPS is delighted to be selected as one of POSTEC’s key partners.  “POSTEC has supported the fuel industry for over 20 years and we’re proud to be associated with this key player,” he says.
Founded in 1987 in New Zealand, POSTEC provides forecourt and wet stock control systems for the fuel industry. Its systems architecture is based around the POSTEC Communication Controller (PCC) – a proprietary hardware platform designed specifically for this purpose.  PCC provides almost unlimited connectivity to electronic forecourt devices without degrading the performance of the forecourt LAN.