SAP and Research In Motion (RIM) have announced a co-innovation partnership to usher in a new era in enterprise mobility, joining forces to change the way people work, by enabling anytime, anywhere mobile access to SAP enterprise applications through the BlackBerry platform.

Just as the BlackBerry wireless platform has transformed the way people use e-mail, SAP and RIM will bring the power and productivity of SAP enterprise applications to the BlackBerry platform in a similarly robust and user-friendly manner. Mobile users will soon be able to work freely on SAP, no longer tethered to their desktops or offices in order to perform their jobs. By tearing down the walls between enterprise computing and mobile connectivity, SAP and RIM are enhancing employee productivity.
The first output expected from this new partnership is a native BlackBerry smartphone client that will merge the power of the SAP® Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application with core BlackBerry smartphone applications, including the BlackBerry Email, Address Book and Calendar applications, to deliver an indispensable tool for sales people.
The new mobile SAP CRM application will leverage the inherent security, management capabilities and efficiency of the BlackBerry platform and the intuitive user experience of BlackBerry smartphones. Organizations that already have the SAP CRM and the BlackBerry solutions deployed will require only basic user training and minimal incremental IT infrastructure investments.
According to research firm IDC, the mobile user population is set to increase from about 800-million in 2007, accounting for 25,7% of the worldwide workforce, to one billion in 2011, accounting for 30,4% of the workforce.
The partnership between SAP and RIM leverages best-in-class business applications and mobile technology to deliver:
* Expanded reach of SAP® business suite applications – Users rely on their BlackBerry smartphones for access to people and information on the go, so it becomes easier to introduce new enterprise applications with a far greater adoption rate.
* Automated data synchronisation – The new solution leverages the push-based architecture of BlackBerry Enterprise Server to automate data synchronisation between business systems and mobile applications. BlackBerry smartphone users have the flexibility to use the mobile enterprise application even in the absence of network coverage. Once back in coverage, all updates queued on the handset and back-end servers are automatically transferred without user action, similar to how e-mail on BlackBerry smartphones works today.
* Easy deployment – The mobile device management capabilities of BlackBerry Enterprise Server allow IT groups to centrally manage and wirelessly deploy mobile applications to BlackBerry smartphones.
* Enterprise-class security – The proven capability and demonstrated track record from SAP in enterprise applications security, combined with the renowned wireless security of the BlackBerry platform, helps ensure enterprise-class security for the end-to-end solution.
* Low incremental cost of ownership – Businesses that have already deployed BlackBerry Enterprise Server and SAP applications can leverage their existing investments and keep deployment and maintenance costs at a minimum.