SterKinekor Home Entertainment will be the first in South Africa to launch a range of home movie titles with Blu-ray Disc Live (BD-Live), a technology that enables interactive viewing and downloading of additional related content over the Internet.

The new movies will be released in May 2008 at the same cost as standard Blu-ray Discs through leading retail outlets such as Look & Listen and Makro.
"This new technology goes beyond the theatre experience, providing users with quality, interactive viewing in the comfort of their own home," says Nelmari Claassens, Sony Pictures marketing manager, SterKinekor Home Entertainment.
Besides watching the movie, BD-Live allows users to download a variety of content, including updated reviews, ring tones, gaming activities, exclusive special features and events via an Internet-connected Blu-ray player. To play and interact with BD-Live movie content, users will need a Sony Blu-ray player (available in September) or a standard PlayStation 3 (PS3) with the new version 2.0 software and an Ethernet port to connect to the local area network and the Internet. This Blu-ray 2.0 software, which also provides vivid sound, picture and storage capabilities, can be downloaded direct from the PlayStation website.
The first two movies to support the BD-Live feature will be 'Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story' and 'The 6th Day', as their release coincides with the upgrade of version 2.0 software on the Sony Blu-ray player and PS3. These titles will have 'BD-Live stickers' on the case so you know certain features will require 2.0 compliant players. The movies will also include downloadable theatrical and home video previews as well as frequently asked questions about BD-Live functionality.
By selecting the BD-Live button on the Blu-ray Disc menu, users can connect to the internet and launch the BD-Live application. They can then navigate the BD-Live Homepage using the Blu-ray player's existing remote control and download content.