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Ninzi-Connect celebrates birthday with huge growth


Ninzi-Connect – previously Multi-Connect – one of South Africa’s leading, black-empowered telecommunications and contact centre solutions companies, has celebrated its first birthday with a 75% increase in turnover.

Howard Haines, CEO of Ninzi-Connect, says several reasons contributed to the successful year, including the securing of several, large orders, among them a massive upgrade to the voice recording network of a major retailer, as well the sale of three Aspect dialers to manage automation of collection systems at a major bank.
However, he adds that the implementation of the National Credit Act, which requires the recording of all contractual calls between credit suppliers and consumers, was possibly the main contributing factor to the company’s growth.
The NCA required all companies providing credit to upgrade their recording facilities by June 2007.  In the case of large financial institutions, the scale of upgrade required was in many cases, enormous.
"Although this obviously contributed to the company’s success this year in terms of dramatically increased business volumes across the board, it also placed Ninzi-Connect under considerable strain and presented numerous technical challenges," he says.
Addressing these challenges was made easier by the strong technical skills of Ninzi-Connect’s certified engineers, who ensured that the upgrades were carried out smoothly and with minimal delay.
The company’s technical capacity is one of the reasons behind its award as the top performing distributor in EMEA region for Aspect Software, in January this year.
Ninzi-Connect’s reputation as a highly technical organisation has been a major reason for its ongoing success and was instrumental in gaining new business this year, according to Haines.
"Adding value, coupled with our ability to align Aspect Software solutions to our customers’ specific requirements has played a key role in our ability to succeed in this highly challenging and competitive market."
The company’s focus is to constantly drive new business through systematic sales management and the maintenance of competent technical and professional consulting staff – currently numbering 36 full-time staff members, all totally focused on the call centre industry.