Visitors to Computer Faire 2008 will be able to examine a wealth of products on show, try them out, compare their features and benefits – then buy them and take them home. 

"This year, exhibitors will be able to sell products from their stands," says Computer Faire organiser Linda Kruger. “As Computer Faire celebrates 30 years of IT excellence, we thought it appropriate to revert to this platform in recognition of a show that’s stood the test of time."
One of the reasons visitors go to exhibitions is to be able to see a range of products and compares the various options available, says Kruger. Now they'll be able buy their selected product on the spot as well.
Although all exhibitors are able to sell off their stands, there will also be a dedicated IT store that customers can visit. Distributors will not retail themselves, but offer that opportunity to their resellers and dealers.
IT Junction, which is running the retail store at Computer Faire, is a relatively new entrant to the IT retail market but it's already making waves because of its wide range and competitive pricing.
"Our prices are ridiculously cheap compared to other retailers," says IT Junction's Paskaran Pather. "We achieve this by working on a very low profit margin supported by high turnover.
"We are becoming a serious challenger to existing IT retailers."
IT Junction carries a full range of IT equipment and accessories, from notebooks and UPSs to cell phone accessories and electronic gadgets.
"We offer a complete selection of digital lifestyle products," says Pather.
The company will showcase a representative range of products at Computer Faire, with specific focus on budget-priced desktops, monitors, accessories, Dell notebook computers and a range of pure sine wave inverters designed to keep IT equipment and other electrical appliances running when the power goes off.
Unlike most generators, sine wave inverters switch over automatically when the power goes off and also protect equipment from power surges. In addition, because they're safe to use and environmentally-friendly, they are finding favour with individuals, small businesses and enterprises.
"These inverters are proving to be very popular because their don't need petrol or diesel to run, they're noiseless and they keep computers online when the electricity goes off," says Pather.
"We'll also be offering our full range of computer equipment at the show."
Computer Faire will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre from 20 – 23 May 2008.