Fax over IP (FoIP) is the ideal way for organisations to reduce fax costs, centralise their processes, improve their workflow, and bring fax into the overall IT architecture. As a consequence, FoIP adoption is growing globally at more than 50% a year.

However, the technological challenges and investment required can act as deterrents to the adoption of FoIP, says Boudje Giljam, sales and marketing director of AmVia.
"FoIP is not easy but it offers manifold benefits. However, its adoption can represent significant barriers to most companies. They typically don't know why they should adopt VoIP, where to begin, what it will cost, and how to integrate fax servers into their overall architecture."
To assist all companies to bring themselves into the world of FoIP, AmVia, South Africa's leading provider of fax services and solutions, has laid the skills and technical foundation to ensure it can help customers integrate fax into their IP architecture, and enable FoIP services to all companies in South Africa. This is in line with best practice as codified by global fax server leader RightFax and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITL).
FoIP works much the same as VoIP (voice over IP), in that it allows normally costly telecommunications traffic to be routed, often at no cost. With VoIP, standard telephone calls can be made across the Internet; with FoIP, faxes can be sent across an existing Internet connection, without the need to make a separate, dedicated phone call, with all the attendant costs. Depending on the volume of faxes an organisation sends monthly, the cost savings can be considerable.
"Many organisations have committed to an IP strategy because of the benefits it offers," adds Giljam. "As they plan their VoIP architecture, not many include fax as part of the overall strategy, which can be a costly oversight. We are urging them to include FoIP as a priority, especially given the growing volumes of fax in South Africa. With our years of experience, product set, international backing and consulting-led approach, we are in an ideal position to help all South African companies migrate their fax architecture to FoIP."
All RightFax fax servers, supplied and supported by AmVia, the local distributor for Captaris's RightFax, are inherently FoIP-ready, and able to confer the benefits of FoIP on customers with immediate effect.
"This is important for the hundreds of local customers who have already invested in RightFax to fulfil their inbound and outbound fax requirements," says Giljam. "And, while they are saving many thousands in reduced fax communication costs, they gain the benefits of their faxes meeting all regulatory compliance issues, being centrally managed, and being part of a broader IP strategy. In fact, many of our customers have used FoIP as a launchpad for creating a broader IP architecture."
RightFax is the leading brand in the fax server market. In North America it has five times the market share of its nearest competitor, while in South Africa it has more than 70% market share.