The PerformanceEdge Group of Aspect Software has announced the general availability of Aspect Quality Management 2.8.1, which provides the recording and quality management capabilities of PerformanceEdge.

This release offers tight integrations to Aspect Unified IP, VoIP recording for Aspect CallCenter ACD, and enables Aspect customers to reap the benefits of advanced recording and quality management using a session initiation protocol (SIP)-based VoIP or a time-division multiplexing (TDM) telephony platform.
Aspect Quality Management 2.8.1 includes a connector that enables the product to record voices and screens of agents using Aspect Unified IP 6.5 and higher. This helps companies achieve full-time call logging, rules-based recording driven by specific business criteria, or on-demand ad hoc recording of specific interactions.  
Recordings are then made available for playback and evaluation via the Aspect Quality Management interface. In addition, Aspect Quality Management now supports VoIP-based recording for the Aspect CallCenter ACD 9.1, including full-time call recording and logging on SIP trunks and phones.
“Quality management and recording capabilities have already provided contact centres with measurable improvements to their overall customer experiences, as well as aided in regulatory compliance,” says Paul Stockford, president and chief analyst at Saddletree Research. “It will play an equally key role for every organisation’s unified communications strategy.
"With this enhancement to PerformanceEdge, Aspect Software is continuing to demonstrate innovation in the performance optimization space by extending screen recording to other key applications that are used in managing customer interactions, and by aligning their solutions with market demands and key contact centre strategies.”
With this release, Aspect customers can gain greater insight into their company-customer interactions by taking advantage of a standards-based, feature-rich, single recording solution for multi-platform environments, while maintaining their existing contact center infrastructures.
“In today’s tough economy, it is rare to see a company that isn’t trying to do more with fewer resources in every area of business. We believe these enhancements to Aspect Quality Management give our customers an advantage by helping them obtain more detailed information from their existing technology applications,” says Robert Kelly, vice-president of PerformanceEdge Group.
“Since more companies are looking to implement SIP-based VoIP contact center solutions, these organisations will need quality management tools to record and monitor calls, within the contact centre and also for calls that extend out to experts within the enterprise. Because it can provide those capabilities, PerformanceEdge quality management is ideal for every contact center, and particularly compelling for companies looking to develop a unified communications for the contact centre strategy.
"Customers will be able to better pinpoint areas for improvement in agent productivity and business processes, as well as optimise their customer interactions and increase customer loyalty.”