HP has introduced a new business desktop PC packed with smart ideas like built-in power management tools, which help customers reduce their energy consumption for lower operating costs and environmental impact.

The HP Compaq dc5850 Business Desktop PC blends performance and value by featuring, for example, high-end integrated graphics technology and standard support for dual monitors in an affordable, mainstream PC.
“HP provides customers with smart technology ideas and always-there expertise to help them choose the desktops that best meet their business and user needs,” says Gladwin Mochaki, Desktop PC Product Manager, HP. “The depth and breadth of HP’s product offerings are a testament to our commitment to provide technologies that solve our global customers’ pain points, from IT management and security, to power consumption and environmentally responsible disposal.”
In addition to integrated ATI Radeon 3100 graphics with support for DirectX 10 technology, the HP Compaq dc5850 Business Desktop PC offers standard support for RAID technology with data mirroring features to help minimise computing disruptions and protect critical business data.
These performance and productivity features are coupled with new AMD Cool’n’Quiet 2.0 technology, which enables independent frequency adjustments to each processor core for a quieter, more energy-efficient PC.
Along with high-end capabilities, the dc5850 supports next-generation AMD Business Class processors, including the AMD Phenom processor. This option provides an excellent upgrade for power users who want multi-tasking and multi-threaded application performance.
In line with HP’s corporate-wide commitment to green computing, the dc5850 is Energy Star 4.0 qualified and Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Gold registered.
Energy-conscious businesses can further reduce their power consumption by opting for features such as HP Power Manager and Verdiem Surveyor, HP’s Power Manager takes enterprise-wide power management one step further by promoting energy-efficient habits for individual users, allowing them to choose the optimal mix of performance and conservation to proactively manage and reduce their PCs’ energy usage and environmental impact.
The dc5850 also features access to HP Client Manager, which offers a variety of manageability options that help streamline PC management. Client Manager also helps protect physical assets and critical business data with security features like the embedded TPM 1.2 security chip and HP Backup and Recovery Manager. The dc5850 will also be available with the optional HP ProtectTools Security Software Suite, which includes Credential Manager, Drive Encryption and Device Access Manager.
With at least 12 months of lifecycle stability, the dc5850 allows IT managers to purchase systems with the confidence that they will last longer and provide the computing power necessary to run feature-rich applications today and more complex offerings in the future.
Customers also can take advantage of optional pre-installed business applications and other HP approved and tested options to maximise the performance of their PCs right out of the box.
Te HP Compaq dc5850 Business Desktop PC is available now at a starting price of R5 499.00 including VAT.