NeoTel has launched another service for enterprise client, NeoHost Colocation. 

A colocation centre is a data centre that hosts the network, server and storage equipment of multiple customers, and connects them to a network service provider. By sharing data centre facilities, customers can access a backup infrastructure of a quality, scale and size that few can justify as an in-house investment. This is a particularly attractive option when companies are hesitant to relinquish complete control over their data and sensitive information.
There are a number of significant business benefits in colocation. Firstly there is a reduction in time to market, which is enabled by the existing infrastructure. Not needing to build an internal data center also allows the customer to improve profitability by ensuring that costs are off the balance sheet. Finally, when partnered with a true utility based bandwidth model, customers are able to benefit from better service value.
Neotel’s NeoHost Colocation offers true bandwidth scalability that allows businesses to cope with peaks in usage. Customers can choose between 1Mbps, 2Mbps, 5Mbps or 10Mbps of burstable bandwidth, allowing them to cater for unplanned demand and to benefit from a scalable tariff plan. The ability to rapidly upscale the hosted infrastructure also allows customers to pursue vital market opportunities and to fit into any business model.
NeoHost Colocation is a cost-effective redundant and reliable hosting and bandwidth service for a more competitive return on investment (ROI). Neotel provides the local and global bandwidth performance demanded by high-end content providers and the physical and network security required by financial institutions.
Neotel’s 95th percentile bandwidth offering allows the network scalability to compete and dominate in a global market. In addition, each solution has access to a dedicated team of technical support staff for remote assistance needs.