Payroll software developer Softline Pastel Payroll has launched a drive to create exponential growth in export markets with a focus on selected countries in Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. 

Pastel Payroll software is already sold and supported in 22 countries worldwide and international channel manager Laurica Pieterse says the different tax and legislative requirements of various countries have provided a strong window of opportunity for the company to further grow its business base in Africa.
“We’re well advanced in the development of unique functionality to cater for the different tax and legal requirements of these countries, a feature that will, like our software in South Africa, ensure that companies apply correct tax rates and submit returns that are completely accurate and fully compliant with the legislation applicable in each country.
“We are also creating country-specific versions of our value-adding business intelligence module that integrates with our payroll software to bolster a company’s competitive edge. This module is a reporting tool that allows companies to generate detailed reports in order to make improved business decisions.”
The BIC Payroll: Excel Reporting module software functions with Microsoft Excel to provide more than 20 different standard report formats and templates as well as a facility that allows users to create their own reports. Typical users are payroll administrators, HR managers, financial managers and business owners as well as supervisors and team leaders.
Softline Pastel Payroll has 26 business partners working internationally and is on the lookout for more, according to Pieterse.
“Our strategy is to grow on a country-specific basis. Hence we’re fully committed to training our business partners in each country as well as providing software that meets the country specific tax and legislative needs.”
Softline Pastel Payroll has very strong business partners and user bases in Lesotho and Swaziland as well as Botswana and Namibia where more than 200 companies in each country are using Pastel Payroll. Aggressive sales are being achieved in Nigeria where there are three business partners and a partner with a very large client base in Ghana, is also servicing Uganda and two new partners are coming on board in Kenya.
Most of the countries’ tax year-ends fall at different times of the year. Pieterse is contemplating year-end seminars in each country with the co-operation of business partners and their customers