With Nology and the new Billion 7402GX dual-interface ADSL2+/3G firewall router, South African SMEs and larger enterprises now benefit from ADSL's flexibility coupled with the mobility of 3G/HSDPA, EDGE and GPRS networks resulting in improved and more reliable connectivity.

Apart from the dual connectivity, the router also offers support for up to 16 IPSEC Virtual Private (VPN) tunnels which means if ADSL connectivity is lost the tunnel will remain open with the 3G-based network.
Essentially, the Billion 7402GX features an integrated router function and USB port which share an ADSL2+ or 3G-based Internet connection (requires an additional 3G USB modem) and automatic fail over to ensure an always-on Internet connection in the event that one of the Internet services fails.
Furthermore, it is equipped with a built-in 4-port full-duplex 10/100 Switch to allow easy connection with other wired-Ethernet devices. It can connect up to four PCs, additional hubs or switches in order to create a larger network when needed.  
Importantly, the router expands 3G's capability, as more than one PC can be connected to a 3G network which means that when the ADSL goes down, the network is still intact.
"The Billion 7402X provides businesses with a means to achieve always-on connectivity, which is crucial for mission-critical services.  The ability to provide multiple Internet services and network flexibility is an important feature that will undoubtedly benefit business users," says Riaan Leuschner, MD of Nology.
Apart from supporting multiple Internet services, the Billion 7402X series can also encode all 802.11g wireless LAN transmissions with either WEP or WPA security encryption to ensure data is protected, plus with a DHCP Server and a powerful SPI (stateful packet inspection) firewall, DoS (Denial of Service) attack prevention and URL content filtering users are protected against intruders and most known Internet attacks.
Secure WLAN setup is also simplified by the web browser-based configuration for easy access to the Internet wherever a 3G connection is available.