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Primergy delivers on FlexFrame


Extending its FlexFrame Infrastructure to industry-standard Primergy servers, Fujitsu Siemens Computers today delivers ServerView PAN Manager, a centralised, automated IT platform which enables systems to be dynamically adjusted, guaranteeing that they always deliver optimum performance.

The revolutionary IT architecture FlexFrame Infrastructure uses a virtualized, application-independent platform with high availability features designed to support both physical and virtual resources.
First featured in Primergy BladeFrame servers, ServerView PAN Manager powered by Egenera is at the heart of FlexFrame Infrastructure.
Starting with the BX600, Fujitsu Siemens Computers is now extending the operational principle of Primergy BladeFrame to its Blade Server line, leveraging ServerView PAN Manager software. This is a resource management tool that dramatically reduces datacenter complexity to deliver an agile, highly available infrastructure, also using integrated automation to eliminate manual, resource-intensive systems administration tasks.
As a result, FlexFrame Infrastructure allows IT managers to create an entire virtual datacenter where nothing is tied to physical hardware. Compute, storage, and network resources can all be dynamically allocated. With ServerView PAN Manager, a server is no longer a physical device with a specific hardware configuration, operating system and application – instead it becomes a software-based definition to which processors and memory can be dynamically assigned as needed.
ServerView PAN Manager provides a simplified way to configure, allocate, repurpose and manage both physical servers and virtual machines through a single, uniform management interface.
System resilience is improved since FlexFrame Infrastructure includes automatic failover and disaster recovery capabilities. FlexFrame Infrastructure automatically detects server failure, selects a backup processing blade, restarts the server definition, and moves connections to the new server, providing true N+1 failover, where a single processing blade can act as a backup for any other processing blade in the system.
“With the introduction of FlexFrame Infrastructure we build on our comprehensive experience in delivering service-oriented infrastructures,” says Monique de Klerk, portfolio manager: Dynamic Data Centre at Fujitsu Siemens Computers. “Service-oriented IT infrastructure solutions, such as FlexFrame for SAP or FlexFrame for Oracle, can slash total cost of ownership by 30% to 40% in certain areas, while at the same time maintaining a consistently high quality of service with less cost and effort.
"These pre-integrated solutions differentiate Fujitsu Siemens Computers in the marketplace, and our customers benefit from the know-how we have gained through several hundred deployments.”