Acer South Africa is bringing a new professional range of projectors to the South African market to offer SoHo and small-to-medium-sized businesses access to the finest DLP technology. The range includes three new projectors: the Acer P5260i, the Acer P7270i and the P7280.

Says Bongani Gumbo, product manager for LCDs and projectors at Acer South Africa: "The new Professional projectors come in body formats that offer enhanced ergonomics. Proprietary technologies such as Acer's ColorBoost ensure that these new projectors deliver vivid colours and sharp images.
"In addition, all three projectors feature Acer's Empowering Technology, making them easy and convenient to use. Each model also offers support for a range of digital content sources, making them versatile enough to cater for a host of office applications from presentations to high-definition video.
"Each projector in the range is equipped with Acer's ColorBoost Technology, a proprietary technology that provides optimised colour performance," adds Gumbo. "By combining a new six-segment colour-wheel design, a powerful image processing algorithm and an advanced lamp illumination technology, Colorboost delivers an entirely new level of colour performance with brilliant colours, subtle pastels and high contrast ratios."
The Acer P5260i, equipped with the latest 802.11b/g wireless technology, allows users to enjoy cable-free projection in various presenting environments. A high brightness rating of 2700 ANSI Lumens, native XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, and 2000:1 contrast ratio bring out vibrant colours and sharp images in any viewing environment.
The Acer P7270i and P7280 projectors were designed to accept full high-definition input in rooms where ambient light is a challenge. The P7270i is equipped with 802.11b/g wireless connectivity to broadcast high-definition video and audio in any room or viewing environment. Both these projectors feature up to 1680 x 1200 resolution, 4000 and 4500 ANSI Lumens brightness, a six-segment colour wheel and a high-definition HDMI connector. With a 2300:1 contrast ratio and a complete range of connectors, the P7270i and P7280 are perfect for all lightning conditions.
"Acer has also equipped its projector range with Empowering Technology, a software designed to make the use of any Acer projector easy and trouble-free," says Gumbo. "Just one press of the Empowering key gives instant access to simple setup, viewing and timer utilities.
"Acer's top-loading lamp design makes maintenance a snap. Since the lamp module is top-loaded, easily replace the lamp module without detaching the projector from the ceiling. The InstantPack technology allows the user to unplug the power cord right after the projector is switched off, and therefore does not require a cooling period," concludes Gumbo.
The Acer P5260i, P7270i and P7280 retails for a recommended retail price of R12 999.00, R19 999.00 and R18 999.00 respectively, including VAT.