Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is delivering Overland Storage's latest VTL appliance – the REO 9500D de-duplicating VTL appliance – extending their evolving tiered data protection strategy by adding data de-duplication for easier access, faster restores and longer-term, near-line retention of backup data.

The new REO 9500D leverages Overland's proven REO SERIES disk-based VTL platform and enterprise-class de-duplicating software powered by Diligent Technologies to retain typically up to 25 times more data on disk.
In addition, Overland and DCC are offering a 'try before you buy' to its resellers and their customers whereby the REO9500D with de-duplication will be delivered for a 30 day free trail. The customer can then deliver the REO9500D back to DCC after 30 days or purchase the appliance through their reseller.
The combination of Overland's REO disk-based VTL and Diligent's ProtecTIER de-duplicating solution provides an all-in-one appliance that can be integrated seamlessly into existing backup environments. Ideally suited for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and distributed organisations, the REO 9500D includes an easy-to-use configuration wizard to streamline deployments in less than an hour, without requiring any modifications to application or backup servers.
The robust 9500D augments the market momentum of Overland's REO VTLs while complementing the company's ARCvault, NEO SERIES and ULTAMUS  AID products to meet a wide range of data protection requirements. To date, more than 5 000 REOs have been deployed worldwide, representing more than 25 petabytes of vital data. When coupled with Diligent's HyperFactor, highly efficient in-line data de-duplicating technology that is embedded in ProtecTIER, this latest REO model can store months of data on disk to optimise storage capacity while dramatically lowering data protection costs. The REO 9500D also features advanced functionality, including:
* Up to 187 TBs of usable capacity in a 5u chassis;
* Dual 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel host connectivity;
* User-definable VTL with up to 12 library partitions, 64 virtual tape drives and 3 000 virtual cartridges;  and
* Quad hot-swap power supplies; and a compact, environmentally friendly form factor that conserves power, cooling and rack space.
Says Anamika Ramdass, Overland product manager at DCC: "The REO 9500D is the latest milestone in the Overland Storage's tiered data protection strategy, which focuses on helping customers determine the most appropriate combination of disk- and tape-based appliances to solve their data protection problems, depending on performance requirements, business continuity objectives and desired cost per terabyte.
"This allows us to offer our resellers the broadest and most capable portfolio of data protection appliances available." she says. "We understand that one size does not fit all, and with the Overland Storage offering, we can deliver customisable solutions that solve specific problems based on defined criteria. The new REO 9500D adds yet another level of protection for customers seeking simplified, affordable long-term data retention on disk.
"Data de-duplication is a game-changing technology with easy-to-quantify benefits in terms of lower disk costs, longer retention periods as well as improved RTOs and reliability," says Heidi Biggar, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "There is strong market validation that purpose-built D2D backup appliances, such as Overland's 9500D, offer a level of transparency as a total solution that further drives operational efficiencies and lowers costs both within the data centre and at remote and branch offices."