Panda Security has been chosen by Axiz to secure its range of desktop PCs. Each PC leaving the factory will have 3 months of Panda’s award-winning Internet Security 2008 pre-installed.

In an age of ever-increasing cybercrime, Axiz understood the importance of providing a taste of top-notch security to its clients.
"We wanted to give users the opportunity to experience full virus and spam protection,” says Kobus de Beer, category lead at Axiz. “By including a trial version of the product with our desktops, customers can familiarise themselves with the software and test it out in the comfort of their own offices and homes.”
De Beer adds: “Too many users often just buy security software without knowing very much about the application and if it really is suitable for their needs."
Axiz did extensive testing on various anti-malware options to ensure that they were passing on the very best to its customers.
"Panda was definitely the preferred solution for our desktops. It offers comprehensive protection from all types of threats – preventing everything from confidential data theft (login details, credit card numbers etc.) to viruses, spyware and online fraud," says de Beer.
Panda Internet Security 2008 is the editor’s choice for Personal Computer World magazine; it also received the maximum five stars and recommended product seal from PC World Spain. The magazine highlights the incorporation of MegaDetection in the solution and rates it a “complete security suite that integrates an online scan to eliminate more than a million viruses”.
MegaDetection is the name of the new security model from Panda enabling its 2008 consumer products, including Panda Internet Security 2008, to detect and disinfect more than 11 million threats.
The MegaDetection model is based on four basic pillars:
* Permanent protection, thanks to daily automatic updates.
* Proactive protection with TruPrevent Technologies to detect unknown threats through behavioral analysis.
* In-depth online scanning with Panda ActiveScan 2 for the detection of sophisticated malicious code that can evade traditional antivirus solutions.
* Technical services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.