Mark Davison at AMD's Channel Summit in Dresden – There's been a lot of pain at AMD lately over the botched Barcelona processor launch with a number of senior executives being forced to fall on their swords. But Alberto Macchi, corporate VP sales and marketing for EMEA, is suffering a more physical form of pain this week at the company's first ever Channel Summit in Dresden.

Like every good hack, our ears were flapping over a pre-prandial beer when we heard that Macchi, a keen cyclist, was briskly wheeling the highways and byways of his hometown Milan at the weekend when he hastily overtook a less enthusiastic "Sunday cyclist". As he whizzed past the plodder, his wheel "hit something on the road" and, as the many cyclists around South Africa will know, this is not good.
The resultant sprawl saw a good deal of Macchi's epidermis transferred on to the tarmac.
But despite this, and with his legs and arms swathed in enough bandages to recreate The Mummy, Macchi has not only smilingly hosted the 20-odd EMEA channel press at a traditional German bierkellar with spit-roast pig (no, Mageek, not Penny!) as the centrepiece, he's also rattled off his opening keynote without as much as a wince, conducted a number of one-on-one interviews and managed to press the flesh and exchange pleasantries with almost every hack here.
The fact that no-one would be the wiser about his injuries if we hadn't been eavesdropping obviously bears great testimony to the cut of Milan cloth – or the cut of the man's jib.