Duxbury Networking has added the HP ProCurve Networking range of products to its successful ‘DuxBux’ Partner Programme targeted at its reseller base.

HP ProCurve Networking joins Netgear as the second well-known vendor to support the programme which was launched in May 2007.
HP ProCurve Networking provides enterprise wired and wireless local and wide area networking (LAN and WAN) solutions. Its Adaptive Edge Architecture is an adaptable, scalable and interoperable network strategy designed to facilitate command from the centre of the network with control to its edge.
Duxbury Networking Partner Programme members who purchase HP ProCurve Networking products, or take part in specialist events, or who complete any of the generic networking training programmes hosted by the Duxbury Networking Academy in Johannesburg will now earn DuxBux.
These can be redeemed for a range of goods and services including plasma TVs, digital cameras, weekends away and advanced networking courses along with many other choices as listed in the DuxBux rewards catalogue.
Duxbury Networking CEO, Graham Duxbury, says the inclusion of HP ProCurve alongside Netgear in the company’s partner programme places added emphasis on dealer support and underlines the investments that are central to his company’s successful ‘value-added’ philosophy.
“We see the formation of strong alliances with resellers who understand marketplace dynamics – particularly those in southern Africa – as vitally important to our business,” he says.
“It is our intention to support and reward their efforts in the marketplace by adding substantial value to the HP ProCurve Networking and Netgear products they sell through Duxbury Networking.
“Since the launch of the Duxbury Networking Partner Programme in May last year the response has been overwhelming and we anticipate that membership will continue to grow as we add more leading brands to the programme and new methods of earning DuxBux. Many Duxbury Networking resellers have already redeemed their DuxBux and walked off with an array of rewards,” he adds.