Esquire Technologies has announced the local availability of Manhattan’s 3200 Series – an attractive 2.1 speaker set that offers a smooth listening, gaming and film watching experience.

“Good, high quality speakers are essential to attaining the best experience from music, games or film,” says Mahomed Cassim, sales and marketing director at Esquire Technologies. “So, Esquire has opted to bring in the best quality ranges from the Manhattan stable, a stylish set that offers high performance.”
Designed to complement modern computers, displays and peripherals, its robust full range of satellite speakers and front firing subwoofer draws listeners into the centre of the action.
“The speaker set offers a convenient and flexible audio solution,” adds Cassim . “The improved sound quality is mainly due to the subwoofer, which incorporates a bass reflex design for extra bass boost, and the 2-way satellites, which offer clear sound even at full volume.”
The 3200 Series has been designed with aesthetics in mind, with subtle design elements that complement flat-panel displays and décor. The series incorporates cabinets crafted from high quality wood, which is not only attractive, but also helps resonate full bass sounds, heightening the users listening experience.
This compact system makes an excellent computer speaker upgrade for use at home or the office without compromising valuable desktop and shelf space.