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XDSL provides free online data storage


Internet Service Provider (ISP) XDSL has introduced a free centralised online storage service to the local marketplace that will enable the company's customers to remotely backup and recover their valuable data.

The service, which was available from 1 April 2008, forms part of XDSL's ongoing drive to provide important value-add services to its customer-base that will differentiate it in a marketplace that is becoming increasingly competitive.
"We have found that our customers' data storage needs have increased quite substantially, particularly with the advent of digital photos and videos. We've thus decided to provide them with the means to securely and easily store their data, so taking care of their storage needs," comments Danie Fourie, director at XDSL.
Essentially, the service will provide XDSL customers that sign up to the second tier package – a broadband service with a line speed of 384kbps and 2Gb – with 100Mb of free online storage. This can be accessed via a portal after downloading and installing an easy-to-use application.
Explains Fourie: "We are delivering 'value adds' with our packages as customers upgrade, providing them with more bang for their buck. For example, a customer that upgrades to a 1024kbps package with 5Gb qualifies for 250Mb free online backup. Business users stand to gain even more with their more substantial storage requirements and can benefit from 100Mb, 250Mb and 500Mb of free online storage with the 384kbps, 512kbps and 1024kbps packages with 2Gb, 3Gb, 5Gb and 10Gb caps respectively."
For those users that exceed their free online storage limits, additional increments may be purchased. For example, an additional 100Mb will cost R45,00; 250Mb will cost R60,00; 500Mb will cost an additional R100,00; and so on.
With the application, users are also provided with a unique encryption key that will allow them to safely access, back up and recover information. As part of the service and to improve management, an e-mail is also sent to the user each time the storage is used, providing important information on available megabytes and informing the user as to which files have been backed up.
Furthermore, in instances where changes have been made to already backed-up files, additional storage will only be used for the changes made and not the entire file, thus saving on valuable storage space with incremental backups.
"We believe by providing free online storage we are re-emphasising our commitment to our current customers while also keeping trend with the evolving and sophisticated needs of the local Internet community," says Fourie.
Further enhancing its offering, XDSL also offer personalised email addresses that features the users own mail domain at no additional cost when upgrading from a basic package. The number of personalised emails also increases when upgrading to a higher package. For example, when upgrading to a 512Mbps package with a 3Gb cap, customers can have up to three personalised email addresses.
Fourie explains: "A user can obtain R167,00 worth of additional value adds but paying merely an additional R70,00 when upgrading from a basic broadband package to a business user package."