Neotel will soon roll out WiMax services to its enterprise customers. 

"Our WiMax offering is deployed as a last mile connection option from our metro optical fibre ring to customers via a point of presence (Pop), says Stefano Mattiello, executive heard of enterprise group at Neotel. "This means that we can connect our customers very quickly to our enterprise product suite."
WiMax has been a hot topic for a number of years, but South African organisations have yet to experience the technology beyond some pilot projects and trials.
The technology is based on international standards so it provides the operator as well as the end-user the benefit of economies of scale and continued research and development.
Mattiello says the benefits of WiMax are evident in the fact that it immediately enables true multiplay on wireless – data, internet and voice.
“Add to this the speed of deployment and ease in which the service can be expanded and you have a true winning combination,” he says.
In addition, Neotel's WiMax offering is portable and can be relocated easily when required.
“Plus, the solution provides true scalability – we can offer our clients anything from subrates below 2 Megabits per second to 2 Megabits per second on wireless,” says Mattiello.
To make its WiMax offering attractive, Neotel will be offering dedicated synchronous connectivity with ubiquitous and constant pricing. Customers will have a non-recurring charge for the subscriber station that is installed and a monthly recurring charge which is dependent on the package selected with no hidden charges.
“While we deploy WiMax purely as a means to access our fibre network and enterprise offering, there is no doubt that it is a valuable addition to our suite of solutions to the enterprise customer,” says Mattiello.