AMD Channel Summit, Dresden – AMD will this week launch a new platform in the US – AMD Game! – which will be exclusive to the channel. The EMEA channel launch is slated for June.

Leslie Sobon, director of worldwide product maketing at AMD, says the exclusive launch is aimed at further boosting the chip manufacturer's channel and that OEMs will only have access to the platform towards the end of the year. There will also be a software component to the new platform – Game! Ready.
"We're launching these products next week to the channel only so that our channel partners have the opportunity to sell a solution," Sobon says.
Partners using Game! will also be allowed to rebadge the systems they build using it with their own logos.
"They can use the Game! logo if they want, but if they don't then that's fine – we're very flexible," says Sobon. "We want to get the solution message through to the channel. That's more important than the actual mark (logo)."