Harvey Jones is to host the global launch of ProfitBase 2009 in South Africa at the end of May.

The event, to be held at The Forum in Bryanston on 29 May, will accelerate the adoption of what Harvey Jones terms "Quick BI" in South Africa, says Reinald Bormann, product manager at Harvey Jones.
Harvey Jones was recently named ProfitBase Partner of the Year in its first year as a partner, with Norway-based ProfitBase terming the relationship "more of a symbiosis than a partnership".
"Quick BI is all about rapid deployment, high performance, discernible value early on, ease of use, low cost, and happy users."
The new version of ProfitBase, already in use at half a dozen customer sites in South Africa, will bring many benefits to local customers and prospective customers, Bormann stresses:
* Pre-aggregated templates and multidimensional cubes, ready out of the box.
* A high degree of automation of the data warehouse creation process.
* A foundation for Microsoft PerformancePoint Planning. As PerformancePoint is one of the most popular and successful business performance management solutions on the market, its many customers need a ready and easily deployable foundation. ProfitBase provides this through extracting data, creating a cube and automatically creating a data store against which PerformancePoint Planning can run.
* Customers can automate their budgeting cycles, setting up parameter-driven budgeting so as to automatically report on performance, including variance against budget.
"Companies have become used to a long, drawn out business intelligence lifecycle," adds Bormann. "They have come to expect a process which involves extraction, transformation and load (ETL), data warehouse build and cube extraction. ProfitBase collapses this entire process, which results in Quick BI."
Since its introduction to South Africa, ProfitBase has secured five customers, four proofs of concept a month, a reference site, and created a training competency and dedicated implementation and support resources.
"We are very excited by the potential of the new release of ProfitBase, and urge anyone interested in optimising their BI investment to attend our launch of ProfitBase 2009," adds Bormann.
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner ProfitBase has earned a reputation globally for rapid delivery of BI, through its innovative approach to ready-to-use business analytics, business system connectivity and a rapid configuration data warehouse.