NComputing, a provider of desktop virtualisation software and hardware, has announced that it has recently garnered multiple industry awards for its affordable computing solutions, incvluding the Wall Street Journal's prestigious Technology Innovation Award.

IT planners are implementing NComputing as a complement to traditional PCs, reducing acquisition expenses and total cost of ownership. The desktop virtualization market has been growing rapidly and NComputing is well placed as the lowest-cost alternative.
More than 600 000 NComputing seats have already been sold. And the installations are making an impact and attracting attention. In fact, two of the company's installations were recognized with awards at the CeBIT trade show, one of the world's largest venues for information and telecommunications technology.
"Our technology is fundamentally changing the economics of computing by providing computing access for as little as $70.00 per seat," says Stephen Dukker, chairman and CEO of NComputing. "We are making fast progress in business markets looking for cost efficiency, and in emerging markets that cannot purchase 'affordable' PCs. These awards show that the world is noticing. We have also been selected by Red Herring as a Top 100 award winner." Red Herring is often cited as the authority on startups that will lead the next wave of disruption and innovation.
At $70 per user for both software and hardware, NComputing has gained popularity in the education market, and is well positioned to compete with other low-end computer offerings such as the OLPC XO, Intel Classmate, and the Asus Eee. District Administration, the leading publication for business professionals in the education market, selected NComputing out of thousands of entries as a winner of its Reader's Choice Top 100 Products.
In addition, VARBusiness named NComputing as a gold five-star partner along with technology leaders such as Microsoft, HP, IBM, and Citrix.  IT World Canada listed NComputing as a "Top 5 Business to Watch." NComputing was also selected as a finalist in the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal's Emerging Tech awards in the green and clean category in recognition of the company's energy-saving and electronic waste-reducing technology.
With the NComputing X300 model, seven users can simultaneously share a single computer, while the company's L-series supports up to 10 users on a basic computer, 30 on a mid-range system, and hundreds on enterprise-class servers. A breakthrough in green computing, NComputing access devices consume as little as 1 watt per user, versus 115 watts for a typical PC. Support costs plummet because fewer PCs are needed and the solid-state NComputing access devices require little or no maintenance.
Sean Owen-Jones, MD of South African distributor NCSolutions, says: "On the local front, this solution is selling with an entry-level price point of R750,00 per virtualised terminal, too delivering a significant cost benefit to the South African education and business markets. We have already made successful inroads with NComputing's solutions and are extending the functionality with the introduction of our Micro Café, an Internet Café all-in-one solution built on NComputing's  X300 multi-user technology that delivers the functionality of up to seven virtualized PCs using a single PC."
NComputing has already been deployed by 15 000 organisations in more than 70 countries, slashing their computing costs by as much as 70% and electric consumption by 90%.